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Adams, Les (Les Adams)

Age: 67


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I am a long time resident of south Florida.I moved to Florida after graduating from Penn State University with a Pre Med degree. As I have always had an interest in Geology I further studied at Gemological Institute of America and hold the GIA Master Gemologist degree. I am a retired deputy sheriff with Miam-Dade County Florida with 30 years service. As a boat captain and a love of fishing, I began my career with the Florida Marine Patrol. I lateraled over to Sheriffs Department in 1980. The last 15 years I was assigned to the bomb disposal unit. I began making knives in 1993 and became a voting member in 1996 . As I had no one close to advise me on technique I claim the Guild members as my mentors. I primarily construct tactical style knives. All construction is done solely by me and all in house. I use a full array of equipment from simple hand tools up to my small CNC prototype mill I designed , built and program myself. I believe there is room in custom knife making for all techniques...