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Edmund Davidson


09 Apr Edmund Davidson


3345 Virginia  Ave., Goshen, Virginia 24439, 540-997-5651

It was in November of 1969 that i was first introduce to a hand made knife and it was made by none other than   R.W. ” Bob ” Loveless of Lawndale, California.   This introduction planted the seed that ultimately grew into knife making And came after my time spent as a Cross Country Over the Road Long Haul Trucker that ended in April of 1986.   When I started making knives that same month, they were basic standard hunting knives that were created from ATS-34 and heat treated by Paul Bos while he was in El Cajon, California.   In February of 1987 I created my first ever Integral and made it out of S-7 shock resisting tool steel along with the next 9 integrals.  As time went on and my skills as a knife maker increased i used more interesting metals.   I attended my first Blade show in 1987 when it was in Knoxville, Tenn. and the next year I was introduced to Linda Karst, now Linda Karst Stone, and we started working together that same year and we are still working together.  In the spring of 1990 I was introduced to Engraver Jere Davidson and we are still working together.   I attended my first Knife Makers Guild Show in 1991 and became a Probationary member in 1993 and was voted onto the board in 2006. When Paul Bos Retired, he was replaced by Peters Heat Treating after meeting Bradley Stallsmith at a Knife Makers Guild Show in Orlando, Florida.    Now having created 3228 knives utilizing 338 patterns I have been allowed to grow into some pretty interesting Art Pieces along the way.

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